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About us - Satulinna, Kotka

A detached two-storey villa from the owner, with a gorgeous view of the river in the tranquil Sutela region. A meticulously manicured plot/park and a lovely, warmth-filled house will steal your heart. Here you will find everything for a peaceful and comfortable life in the lap of nature. Should you desire a little luxury, you will find a sunny glazed terrace in the yard, where you can spend your free time or celebrate with friends while basking in the warmth of an outdoor fireplace. The jacuzzi looks out on a marvellous view of the river. On the riverbank you will find a wood-fired sauna, a grilling house, and a granite ring for an open bonfire. Your personal dock can be a place for sunbathing or fishing, as River Kymi is a coveted spot for salmon fishing known even to the Czar of Russia who visited these parts for fishing and relaxation. The area of the territory is 4,500 m2, and the area of the house is 150 m2.



The villa is open to you 24/7. The check-in time is at 16:00, and check-out at 13:00. Please, treat the hotel’s property with care and follow fire safety regulations. When leaving the villa, please make sure to turn off all taps, lights, and other electric devices. The parking is free and rent of the parking space does not entail security of the vehicle. The visitors to the villa must be aware of, and not oppose to the use of video surveillance on the territory surrounding the villa. The villa is not liable for the functioning of municipal networks (power cuts).
Check-in 16:00
Check-out 13:00
Reservation cancellation In the case of booking cancellation within less than 14 days before arrival date, or refusing to arrive, the prepayment is non-refundable.

IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN ORDER AND SECURITY, THE HOTEL PROHIBITS: Smoking in the cottage, with the exception of designated areas. Bringing skis and snowboards inside the cottage. Accommodating friends and acquaintances without the approval of the villa administration. Keeping flammable materials (fireworks, firecrackers) in the cottage. Throwing sanitary products, leftovers, and food waste down the drain. Bringing hazardous items and materials on the territory of the cottage or keeping them in the hotel room. Rearranging and removing the hotel furniture. Violating generally recognised behavioural norms, and not keeping quiet from 23:00 to 8:00 (with the exception of New Year). Showing aggression or acting in a way that threatens the health or property of other people. Damaging the hotel’s property. Keeping pets in the hotel room without prior consent of the hotel administration. Lighting a bonfire in an UNDESIGNATED area.

Terms & Conditions

The payment for accommodation and services provided by the villa is made either in cash or via bank transfer as per the effective price list. Payment for accommodation and additional services is to be made in Euros. For a guaranteed booking of a room at the hotel, a prepayment of 100% of the cost of the entire stay is needed. In the case of booking cancellation within less than 14 days before arrival date, or refusing to arrive, the prepayment is non-refundable. Upon making a reservation, the guest submits their personal information, ID number, and fills in a rental agreement. The villa’s administration reserves the right to refuse service to guests that fail to produce an ID or to pay. The change of towels and damp cleaning is performed upon the guest’s request and for a separate fee of 150 Euros. General cleaning and changing the bedding: 300 Euros. During the stay, all responsibility for the proper and safe use of kitchen equipment, washing the dishes, storage of cooked food etc. lies with the guests. It is forbidden to cook using an open fire or cook foods that have a strong smell. It is forbidden to throw leftovers and food waste down the drain. If any material damage is caused to the villa as a result of actions or negligence of the guests and/or their visitors, a standard act is drawn up. In addition to compensation for direct damage, the guest will voluntarily or on the orders of the court compensate for the damages connected to the idleness of the villa during renovations, furniture replacement etc. (E.g., after flooding). In the case of finding any lost items we will immediately notify their owner if it is known. Any forgotten items are stored for 30 days. In the case of property loss, the guest must immediately notify the hotel’s administrator. If the guest has made no demands to the hotel by the end of this period, it is deemed that the property was not lost or damaged. If the guest repeatedly violates the villa’s hotel policies which incur material losses or inconveniences the neighbours, the villa has a right to refuse accommodation or terminate the agreement (evict the guest). On the day of the departure, please leave the villa key in the designated place. If you have any additional questions concerning the hotel’s services, please contact us by phone.